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Thinking of refreshing your dining room? We are proud to introduce our five new themes for schools and dining rooms.

Cool and understated? Rustic and farm fresh? High impact and colourful? - we have something for every taste.

We can also produce bespoke designs to meet your exact requirements.

Bright & Beautiful

Cheerful, colourful and user-friendly, ‘Bright and Beautiful’ is a timeless design that will be an instant hit with both pupils and parents. A well-coordinated scheme can easily be achieved by opting for dining furniture in any one of the colours included

Why limit Bright and Beautiful to the dining room? This design can be adapted to produce signage throughout your school.


Looking for something different? Look no further. Our distinctive ‘Industrial’ theme will help you create a cool, contemporary environment that your pupils will enjoy using. The smart colourway can be made appropriate throughout the school day, allowing you to extend the theme beyond the immediate dining area.


Especially suitable for those schools with a separate dining facilities, our fun and eye-catching ‘Fresh’ theme will instantly brighten up your pupils’ day. Visitors to school will be subtly reminded of the high value you place on mealtimes as an important social occasion.


For a more low-key theme, the understated elegance of our ‘Graphite’ theme is an excellent choice. Very on-trend, its cool simplicity will help to tone down a wide range of colour schemes and will complement both wood and metal finishes.


Designed to complement a wide range of colourways and finishes, our ‘Timber’ theme will help to bring a touch of nature to, and offset the hard finishes and lines within, your dining room. Looks great with the beech-finish furniture so currently in vogue.

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